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Happy Friday Everyone!!
So I have decided to add a fun new little addition to the VeLvet OwL blogging experience… FRIDAY FREEBIES!! These are images that you can download for your computer screen! I am constantly changing my background, so I thought I’d add a feature like this and let you in on some of the images I capture ~ they are yours for the taking! To kick things off this Friday I chose an image of yesterdays breakfast, with a hint of vintage tone… I thought the colors were very cheerful and spring-ish.. I’m thinking I could use some bright colors on a wet dreary day like today…
I will be posting a least one Friday Freebie a month, but if something inspires me, don’t be surprised if you see more!! I hope to have more features soon, feel free to request or give me ideas on what you would like to see!

You can find the download link by using the nifty little tab labeled “Freebie Wallpaper” on the left! So download and Enjoy!
<<<<----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- { WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW FEATURE ::Friday Freebies::?? I'd love to hear your thoughts, please comment below the post! }Freebie Grapefruit Wallpaper

  • Kirstin - What a great idea. It’s always fun to have new wallpapers…..

  • VeLvet OwL Photography - Thanks Kirstin! Glad you like it!!

  • Tara O - I can smell it from here! Mmmm…

  • Laura - I love the colors! Reminds me of summer and how a fresh grapefruit sounds so yummy. Great job!

  • brooke - Yummy! This looks scrumptious! What a fabulous idea Heidi 🙂

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