::Christy & Johnathan {Wedding}::

June 19th, 2010.  Well here it is, my first time photographing a wedding…I’ve second shot for other people in the past, but everyone has to branch out sometime right? I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to do weddings. The pressure of a once in a lifetime event made me so nervous. The overwhelming feeling that I was the one responsible for capturing those special moments really made me second guess myself… I am very pleased with how the day went, I am beyond happy with all of the images & I can actually hold my head up and say that I am honestly proud of myself for being able to work under high pressure.  The biggest trouble I had was narrowing down the pictures for the blog post~ SO, this is a LONG post. Feel free to get up and stretch, maybe take a coffee brake half way through…remember to breathe. I hope you enjoy the images & I’d love to hear how you think I did!!

If you are interested in checking out Christy and Johnathan’s engagement session you can view it here.

A special thank you to my awesome assistant and second shooter Amber Anderson who was SO great to work with!!

Christy going out to meet Johnathan before the ceremony for their “first look”…..

Seriously? You are gorgeous Christy. Such a stunning bride.

You look pretty fab to there Mr. J.

It’s go time…

After they were man and wife I pulled them aside for a 15 min window to capture {these}…. I love the fresh newlywed glow..

Daddy and daughter gets me every time.

Thanks for looking through this HUGE blog post…I hope you enjoyed it!

Much love and happiness to you!

  • Amy Price - You did a beautiful job. My favorite is the shot of them in front of the orange wall with him looking at her with that awesome, “wow, that is my wife” look. Nice job!

  • Sunny - Heidi! You leave me speechless once again! AMAZING!!!

  • Shannon Laidlaw - You’re kidding, right? This can’t be your first wedding! So beautiful, Heidi!!

  • thea wood - Ok incrediable!! You need to send these into a photo contest. You are simply amazing. You could make us all big time from these photos. If you have any pictures just the candy table let me know. the best photographer on the planet!!!

  • Lisa Hill - Hi Heidi

    I have added you on facebook, I messaged you not sure if you remember. This is a fantastic blog!!! I had my first proper wedding in January and have shot a further three since (have five more this year). I have been photographing for around 8 years now, but only went full time at the beginning of this year. I to didnt like the thought of the pressure of being a wedding photographer, but all my weddings were on referral from customers, so I didnt want to turn any of them down. The more I photograph the more I feel honoured to be a part of such a personal occassion, and I am more and more overwhelmed at each wedding.
    I think you have done an amazing job you have captured every little emotion and detail. I am sure the bride and groom are absolutely thrilled with these! I just think it is an amazing feeling to know that in maybe 30-50 years from now, someone might be looking at those photos thinking wow that was my granny and grandad werent they beautiful, what memories etc etc.
    Well done on a great job


  • Vanessa - Girl…these are just stunning! You did such a beautiful job capturing such a wonderful day…BRAVO!!!!!

  • heddypetti - LOVE IT!! Heidi you are a great photographer!!!

  • VeLvet OwL Photography - Thank you everyone for your kind words. They really mean a lot! Thanks for coming by!

  • Melissa Stratton - Absolutely Beautiful !!!! You did a fantastic Job 🙂

  • Carly Diggs - You did a great job capturing my Sister’s beauty, and her Joy! Thank you, and you were very easy to work with. I wish you much success as a photographer!

  • Séverine - Hello,

    I am impressed! that’s excellent for a first wedding! I love the photos of the bride getting ready.

  • ::Customized Products:: » VeLvet OwL Photography Blog - […] has arrived! Here is a custom cd case & custom printed cd that I designed for Christy & Johnathan! Every time someone orders a CD of images it comes in a beautifully customized (by me) magnetic […]

  • Kristina - She is BEAUTIFUL!!! These pics are so amazing!! Picture perfect wedding 🙂

  • Waiman - Beautiful work, well done!

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