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Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks….I don’t care if I ever get back! Well, traveled up north to Seattle a couple weekends ago with my sis Hollie & saw my first Mariners game! We had SO much fun, even despite the fact that the Mariners lost to the California Angels 11-1…maybe “lost” is the wrong word choice there, perhaps “got slaughtered by” would fit better. Anyhow, the day was absolutely gorgeous. Give me sunshine and I’m a happy girl.

Seattle is definitely a happening place for sure, busy, busy, busy. I’m just a small town girl and I tell you what, in just 2 days, I saw some pretty crazy things happen in the big city. Let me share the most absurd… While walking back to our car after the game, Hollie and I found ourselves somehow alone. Now normally there were rather large crowds that you could join and walk with, but at this particular time we found ourselves alone under a bridge ~ which appeared to be many’s home. There we were having to cross the street and on the other side of the street was a homeless man who without a second thought dropped his pants and squatted right in front of us and began pooping. yes. pooping. right there in the border. Now what do you think 2 country girls do in a situation like this? You city folk are probably used to this but we were creeped out! There was only one option for us and that was to…run. haha yes we took off running until we got back to the safety of our car. Well looking back now, it is quite comical and makes for an entertaining story…but pooping really??

Meanwhile back at the ranch… My husband was SO sweet to let me get away for the weekend while he stayed home with the chit’lins. He, however, found himself dealing with a much more messy poop situation. After nap time one of our 18 month old twin girls decided to take off her diaper and dip into a dirty load…smear it all over everything, including the wall and the other twins crib somehow! Poor, poor daddy! What a MESS!  I think he has a new found respect for motherhood. He was actually excited to go back to work on Monday, viewing his job as a means of escape :). Escape from the craziness we call our home life!! Hahaha.

So here you go, on with some pictures~ like I said, lots going on in Seattle. From the Mariners game to our lovely stroll through Pikes Place Market the next morning, I’d say we rather enjoyed our weekend out in the big city….and just may be back sooner than later! …. can someone say “Mini Sessions in Seattle??” more info to come regarding this!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the post! (there is a short video clip at the end of the post, if you are interested!)

I am pretty sure the pitcher is waving to me here…could be wrong though…

I mostly liked the NIKON banner in the background on this one…

Video from Pikes Place Market

  • Jen - Fabulous! I think I’ll go for a mini session in Seattle! THUMBS UP!!!!!

  • skye snyder - Oh how i loved seeing these. started to pine for my own haunts in Seattle. Lived there in 1990 and she still looks as lovely as I remember! The seahawks, sonics, and mariners were many of our clients! must book a trip NOW.

  • Kirstin - Love all the pics Heidi, and what a hilarious story! Oh my word!!!

    So in your walking around seattle and shooting pics, what type of lens did you use?

  • VeLvet OwL Photography - Thank you everyone! Kirstin~ this trip I only brought along my 85mm 1.8. I used it for every shot you see here! I love it!

  • Tara Thackeray - great job!! These are awesome shots!! Tells the story of your day:)

  • brianna phelan - Looks like so much fun 🙂 I love the shots of the veggies – makes me hungry. And love the shot holding up the fish – fun 🙂

  • Britney Land - Great pics Heidi! Funny story too 🙂 We had a VERY similar poop story happen at our house just this morning. AWW twins. . .

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