::18 Months/ Vancouver, Wa. Photographer::

18 months of life, goes by fast! My twins are now 20 months so I can attest that time is just crusin’ by! Talk about crusin’…that’s what 18 month old little munchkins do best! They are everywhere and then back again haha. It is a challenging age to photograph, but oh man, what a reward to look at the finished images. I am so happy that I was asked to freeze frame this time in little Evans life. To capture these small moments & looks that will be cherished for a lifetime to come. Thank you guys for using me as your photographer, it was great meeting you, and I look forward to your “family” photo session in October! Hope you enjoy these…


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(I love this first one, we finally got him to show us how old he is 🙂 )

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Much love and happiness.
  • Stephie Hicks - These are sooooo cute! I love love the colors!

  • Pat D - Love these! He’s got such personality!


  • Audra Snyder - Wow! What a cutie! Great job Heidi!

  • Kenny McKenna - These are great pics of my nephew!!!!!

  • Katie - He’s so adorable! These are so cute

  • Alyssa Davis - Adorable!!!!!!

  • Nenah Darville - What great photographs!!! My fav r the one with his dad and Evan looking through the wired fence in black and white. If I lived in WA I’d LOVE to use u for my little ones photos. I think we may just have to include you in one of r trips to do so.

  • Sherry Wilsey - Grandma and Papa Wilsey Love the Pictures of Our Beautiful Grandson!!!!!!

  • Magna Pinheiro - These are adorable 🙂 He’s getting so big! I like the ones where he’s laughing. I want to meet him:) Miss u!

  • Chantell Wilsey - I love them Heidi! You did a great job! Can’t wait to do our family pictures.

  • Becky Ray - WOW! He is growing so quickly. Fantastic pictures. He has such an expressive face!

  • Grandma - You are growing up too fast, little one!! Grandma loves all these pics of you!!! oxoxoxo

  • Robin Craig - What great pictures. Great job Velvet owl photography

  • Uncle DJ - Wow… You have getting big!! 🙂

  • Great Grandpa - So darling!! I can’t figure out which one you look like more… Your mama or daddy… 🙂

  • sandy - Pictures look great! Love the different angles. He is getting soo big! 😉

  • Great Grandma - Awesome pictures!! Just can’t believe how much he looks like both of you!!

  • Heidi Mayo - I just love that little guy….Glad to see he’s practicing his golf swing to grow up to be just like his daddy 🙂 Such fun photos, so bright and colorful they really capture his personality well!

  • Brian Mayo - I was wondering who took my 9 iron 🙂 Cute pictures!

  • Friend of your Grandmas - What a great looking Grandson you have!! I can see you & eric in him.. I also see his mama too!! 🙂 Great looking boy!!

  • Friend of your Grandma - What great pics!! Your Grandma said you were cute and she is right!!! 🙂

  • Grandpa & Grandma Monroe - We love you our sweet Evan! Love watching you grow and change every day! Your smile makes us smile… Great pictures!

  • Mel - Nice pics!!

  • Melina Cruz - Evan is just too adorable! These pictures are absolutely awesome!!!

  • Christina - Love this photography. The colors are awesome. Evan is such a cutie.

  • Amber Monroe - Beautiful pictures!! So colorful and creative! And an adorable model makes it so much easier!! Good job!

  • Crystal - Love the pics of Evan. He is so cute! Great job capturing his facial expressions.

  • Sandra - So Cute!!!! Love the pics!!

  • Sarah - precious!

  • Phyllis R. - Oh hey, just leaving some love for this cute family! Awesome as always!

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