::A {Family} Thing::

Wow, what fun! How awesome it is to have such a large group of willing subjects :)! Thank you all for using me as your photographer, it was my pleasure to be able to capture this time in your lives. And the children…absolutely gorgeous, seriously.

Time for some blog FUN: Big prize here family….

If you can rally up 50 comments on this blog post by 9/10/10 you will receive {1} digital image with rights to print to your hearts desire! Good Luck!

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  • Jamie Blick - These photos are amazing! The love of the family is very apparent and such joy to look at! What a blessing to have these photos! Great Job!

  • Tara - Love ’em! Thanks Heidi!

  • Dianne Brody - Fantastic opportunity to get a great family picture…..love the ones of our grandchildren!! Heidi is so patient and creative!! Thank you!

  • Melissa - Wonderful photos of a wonderful family!!!! Moments together are treasures indeed!!

  • Alyssa Davis - Beautiful!

  • Steven - Great pics!

  • Kristina - Awesome pics!!!

  • Carlene - I LOVE them!!!!;~) The pics are absolutely awesome…not to mention how beautiful the fam is!!!

  • Cecelia - Thanks again Heidi! I love them.

  • jane - I love the candid shots interspersed, looks like it was a fun family day. What a treasure you have.

  • Christine Palmer - Wow, these family pictures make a beautiful collection of memories!!

  • Heang - What a good looking family! 😉

  • Denise Brody - More wonderful photos! Love the colored one with us all holding hands! Very creative Heidi!

  • Robin Stewart - Love these pictures! What a beautiful family and the photographer sure does have a good eye for putting such a crowd together…fun fun!!!

  • sophie - Awesome pics….looks like something out of “lost”

  • Kathy - Love the pics! Great job!

  • Jerry - These are lovely

  • Johnny - My family is good looking. What can I say?

  • Chelsea Speidel - Here’s your comment!!! I meant to comment on the ones you posted on facebook but never got around to it!! You do have a beautiful family!!!

  • kami - so cute, you look so happy

  • Shannon - I love these pictures. Looks like a magazine!

  • Brooke - Awesome pictures! I love the colors and backgrounds. Wonderful!!

  • janey johnson - All of the pictures are absolutely awesome!

  • Valerie Betancourt - The pictures came out great Tara!

  • kathlen - Love, love, love! These are some of the best family portraits I’ve seen. The love and joy are captured in abundance.

  • Jacqueline - This are fantastic! I love them all and you guys look great!!

  • Janelle - Great shots! What a beautiful family!:)

  • Bruce - Proud of my family

  • Carol Miller - Great family pics…especially with such a large grorup!!

  • Heidee - Great family pics!

  • Danny - Fantastic photos. The colors are so vibrant.

  • Sarah Kelstrom - I love the pictures, they are beautiful!

  • Phyllis R. - Super family photos! Love the ones by the fort fence:)

  • Esther - =) pretty!

  • Esther - what a good looking family <3

  • Colleen - beautiful pictures! can’t believe the kiddos are all so big…couldn’t find josh at first – now that he’s taller than denise!

  • george brody - great photos

  • Jennifer Robertson - I love these pictures! It looks like you had a great time!

  • Darrin Opdycke - Beautiful!!

  • Kelly - Love the photos! Beautiful.

  • Tricia @ {every}nothing wonderful - I adore these! The interplay between personalities and amazing textures produces such a beautiful result! What a lucky family to have you so close – I wish we had photographers so talented near us!

  • Brenda Hayes - What beautiful photos. You are all such a great looking family. What a treasure to keep in your memento box. They are just all gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • Sheila Gilmore - Just viewing the photos done for Cecelia’s family – I felt the scenes and backgrounds were very inventive – unusual from the normal just backdrop and family positioning that you normally see. I love the family in a circle – the family in a tree – family in front of the fence holding hands. It is good to see some outdoor photos that are not just on a green lawn or a bridge but very unusual backgrounds. Wish you were in Texas. Excellent work.

  • Jason - Wow! Those picture are great. I love the one of kids. They have great smiles. Beautiful family.


  • Michelle - These pictures are so beautiful! What a wonderful memory you have provided for the family – GREAT FAMILY!!

  • shawna - Nice!

  • glenda - looks good!

  • Barbara - These are very nice!

  • Curtis - Great pictures. Nice to get everyone together.

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