Rachel :: 2011 Senior

Gorgeous girl, buttery evening light to die for… and guess what? I get to be the photographer…so awesome, I love my job. Each picture that I shoot I try and shoot -on purpose. What I mean by that is I try and plan each actual image out how my mind’s eye sees it, before I just start rattling off exposures. From the lighting, to the posing, to the true expressions, I want people to see that I am not just another photographer snapping away on a nice camera..but that I invest my thoughts and heart in each image that I produce. I want each image, from every session to be a unique piece of my art {heart}. I encourage all of you photographers out there to try and take less pictures and instead think about what you are shooting and create more art. I have realized that it’s all about how I see it. How I see my clients and how I capture their beauty, personalities, love, and a whole lot of other adjectives inserted there as well. If I don’t like a picture from a session, for whatever reasons, you will never see it. I am my biggest critic, for sure. I still have lots to learn, and I always want to strive to keep learning and challenging myself… Anyways, yada-yada-yada…I don’t know how I got off on that rabbit trail haha!!

Here are some of my favorites from the beautiful Miss Rachel’s senior session. What more can I say, she is stunning! We also go to sneak in a few family photos :). Thank you guys for choosing me to document this special time in your lives.


Rachel, if you can get 35 comments on this blog post by 9/21/10 you will receive a FREE 11×14 print of your choice! Everyone else help Rachel out by leaving some love! Good luck!

Much love and happiness to you, thank you for stopping by!
  • Alyssa Davis - LOVE!

  • Laura - Wow! Love them all!

  • Audra Snyder - I absolutely LOVE the ballerina slipper pics!

  • Rachel Cobleigh - Oh my gosh!! I love them all!! Thank you so much! They’re beautiful:) I can’t wait to show my mom!!

  • Kipi - Love, love, love the ballet shoes with jeans on the asphalt!

  • Chantell Wilsey - This girl has beautiful hair!!

  • Jasmine - Very pretty!

  • Hannah Morrison - SOOO gorgeous 🙂

  • Grace Thompson - She has turned into such a stunning young lady! The ballet shots are amazing!

  • Amanda - BEAUTIFUL pictures! I wish I was as photogenic as she is! She is beautiful!

  • Tracy Waldrop - These are really Great girl!

  • cecelia - lovely girl! – love the ballet in the road! 🙂

  • Kris - What an awesome job you did Heidi – love them.

  • Ashley - These photos are stunning; you are awesome Heidi! What a gorgeous girl, too! 🙂

  • Steve Keefer - Great shots! Nice job… i love the middle of the road shot… i have been waiting for the right client with the right personality to do that shot! Beautiful work!

  • Brianne - Great pics! 🙂 Love the family shot where they are laughing!

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