::Loving Reflections::

I absolutely love photographing couples….especially when the connection they share is so apparent. I could honestly feel the love as I was editing and browsing through the images, that is so awesome to me. I thrive on being able to capture that love and ” bottle it up ” or better yet “frame it up”…. haha oh COME ON, you know you liked that one.  This session was amazing, relaxed and best of all it was a “just because” session. “Just Because” they didn’t have many pictures together. I ADORE that. Why wait for that specific reason? I am so happy to have captured this time in your lives Andrea & Mike! It was awesome meeting you both, you guys are modelicious! Super big post ahead…you’ve been warned. The first picture cracks me up~ they think I’m funny or something, it’s always good to start the session off with a good laugh!

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  • Sarah - i love the coffee shop shots!!!! soo classic and creative! when i get engaged…when ever that may be, i sooo want to do that! i love coffee!!

  • kacee - I LOVE the ones with the umbrella and reflection. SO COOL! Also, the ones looking through the glass at them. I just love the look that gives, almost like we are peaking at them! Good work and beautiful couple!

  • LO - This was such a cute session! I could definitely feel the love. The photos made me want to go out on the town with my hubby <3 Great work as usual Hides!

  • Airika Pope - This is awesome! You totally rocked the umbrella and indoor locations. I think my favorite photo is the one of them sitting on an old wagon wheel chair. Great job!

  • Amber - LOVE these!! I really think these are my favorite ever from you! <3

  • cecelia - very nice as always!

  • Stephanie Albao - SO UNBELIEVABLY beautiful! Gorgeous couple, and I love the rain. These images have such a cinematic quality. Stunning work, yet again. 🙂

  • Cat - These are so fabulous! FTR, that reflection shot in the third row down is to-die-for. Frame ASAP! Love it!

  • Jill - How cute!!! I was smiling the whole time, you guys look so happy 🙂 Lots of great ideas for photos.

  • Hannah - So perfect! Heidi captured you guys in the true glow of your love for one another!!!!!

  • Jennifer - I was trying to pick my favoite….but I just can’t!!! Love them all! And I love you guys!! Love, love!!! <3

  • t smith - thanks for sharing
    they are wonderful!

  • Janell - stupendous! love the umbrella shots. and how you manage to turn even a rainy day into a beautiful one!

  • Catherine B - LOVE this! How could you go wrong with such a great couple? Wonderful pictures by quite the artist.

  • Gina - These are incredible pictures! I love how creative and fun and unique they are. They really capture that connection between Andrea & Mike as well as their fun personalities. Love love love!!!

  • Jacquie - Fabulous photos you really feel the emotion. Thank you.

  • Rose Mudd - There’s no reason professional photos celebrating your love for each other be of your wedding day! How beautiful that you’re investing, in a tangible way, in showing your love for each other. God bless you and strengthen you over all the years you’ll have to look at these captured moments, as a reminder of how much you mean to each other!

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