Marva :: 2011 Senior

Loved this session, this rockin’ awesome girl, her stellar style (her boots especially), her fun personality…the sunshine..what more can I say. Check her out, and leave me some love! I’ve got lots more blogging coming up here, so come back soon! 🙂


Marva, if you can get your family and friends to leave 30 comments on this blog by 11/13/10  you will receive a FREE 11×14 print of your choice! So spread the word and good luck!!

Thanks for stoppping by!
Much Love & Happiness to you,
  • Jeff Warndahl - Heidi – I love your photography. You have a very good eye and are very creative. Thanks so much for the great pics of Marva (aka Dodie)

  • cecelia - lovely

  • Nelean Warndahl - Love them! The light makes her eyes look fabulous! You captured the real girl in Marva!

  • Jennifer - So perfect, so Marva!

  • Nell - Beautiful!! You always get the most genuine shots, they never look fake or scripted. Amazing! And wonderful boots 🙂

  • Caitlyn Brentin - WOW!!! SO beautiful!! I love the dancing pics… Definitely captures the real Marva! 🙂

  • Nicole - These are FABULOUS!

  • Lexi - Omg there soo cute(:

  • Ashley - Marva looks gorgeous! I love your style Heidi!

  • The Best Cousin Ever (Glenn) - Your pictures look so good.

  • Alx - cuteness.

  • Amber Albers - Love, Love, Love! What a keepsake huh? Lucky girl

  • Amber Albers - Love Love Love! Lucky girl to have these pics as a keepsake!

  • Alyssa - WOW!! Heidi really captures the sun perfect in these pictures. But more importantly she captures the beauty of Miss Marva!! Amazing pictures!! And LOVE the boots!! 😉

  • Debbie Monson - Wow! Very Beautiful!

  • Natalie Lambert - Marva you look so so pretty!! these photos are absolutely gorgeous! Love em! 🙂

  • Garrett - You look magically babealicious in these Photos Marva.

  • Cassie Cooper - Marva your pictures are AMAZING! You are super beautiful girl! miss ya!

  • Greta Stock - Pictures look awesome!!!! I love the ones where you are dancing!!! Also the hippy one with the rainbow is pretty cool!!!

  • Thomas Stock - These are pretty cool!

  • Cynthia - Beautiful pictures of a very lovely girl!!! What a great smile!

  • Becky Meskel - What great pictures!

  • Your favorite boy ever (Derek) - Marva! i miss you like crazy! you look so pretty in all of these. have fun your senior year!

  • ted cobb - Great pictures. Congrats.

  • Taylor Barnes - Hey Marva!! I remember when I met your family when me and your brother were in middle school. You were so beautiful even then and you are still this amazing beautiful fun women!! I hope this year is amazing and that you are just so blessed through out everything.

  • Charlie - Marva gets more beautiful every year. For those who don’t know her; IF you only knew how talented, intelligent and well rounded this young lady is, You would stand in Amazement. 🙂

  • Jen - Super cute! I love the yellow shirt shots. Also like the dancing pics (= Great photography work! I like how you capture movement!

  • Kiley M. - Marva you are so cuuuute!

  • Alyssa - Oh my goodness! Those pictures are amazing! That is totally Marva!

  • Elias - Nice pics, Sis. Too bad she didn’t have a better subject like me. 🙂

  • mrs. c. - The most beautiful grand daughter in Woodland.

  • Elder - What the freak man! Who is this girl, and what has she done with my sister?!?!

  • Amanda - These are amazing too!! I think they are my favorites. Heidi, I wish I was still there so I could just visit your studio and learn from you! Love your work!

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