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Hi everyone! I want to start off by telling you how truly difficult this was for me to decide on a winner. I wish I had the time to give more to more people. I know that this year has been so tough for so many out there, which is why I wanted to give. While I think all of the letters are deserving of this gift, I can only choose one winner. Thank you for ALL of the beautiful entries for the “CHRISTMAS IS GIVING 2010” giveaway. I wish you all the happiest Christmas this year filled with so much love and joy….Now onto this year’s lucky giveaway winner.  A letter that especially touched my heart:

Hello Heidi,

I am a huge fan of your work. The imagery you present is astonishingly beautiful to me. I’ve coveted a session with you since first seeing your blog. I am a Stay at Home Mom and my husband works very hard to support us, but has been only working part time as of late because of the economy. We’re struggling. Our family is finally complete and I cannot afford to even go to Wal-Mart (gah!) and have family pictures of us done. Having children was a 9 year journey for us- filled with joy, excitement, bliss, but also pain, and many losses. Now that our youngest is almost 2 I have wanted to have our pictures done for some time, I just haven’t been able to justify the expense when it would literally have to come out of our food budget. To win a mini session with you would be such an amazing blessing that I cannot properly express how much it would mean to me. It would make my year. I would hang those pictures on my walls and forever remember this kindness.

I will humbly submit this and keep my fingers crossed until the 12th! Hhhmm, I might have the kids cross theirs too.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Tamara Murphy

Congratulations Tamara! I look forward to meeting you & I am SO happy to be able to bless you and your family this year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ~Heidi

Merry Christmas to everyone. Much love & happiness to you this season!

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