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Hi Becki! Thank you for taking the time to share in our {Women in Business Series}! What type of business do you run?
I make headbands and accessories for women and girls, but I like to say I’m in the business of self confidence.

How long have you been in business? I started Whippy Cake in February of 2008, so three years.

How did you come about doing what you are doing? How did you decide to make the first step and create a business out of your passion?
It all started with a cupcake charm I fell in love with but couldn’t find in stores. I decided to make it myself, which turned into making all sorts of jewelry and hair accesories. My husband started noticing all the compliments and questions I received about where someone could buy them, and encouraged me to start a business.

Your designs are beautiful! How/where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration from everything in my daily life, like my kids, my childhood, movies, fashion, other artists and more.

Did you start out on Etsy and then gradually move to your own website?
I actually started in boutiques and trunk shows, then moved up to Etsy before launching my own website.

What was the BEST decision that you have made for your business?
The best decisions I made were launching my own site and moving to all online ordering. Learnng how to delagate also helped me to be more successful, I couldn’t have done everything on my own.

What is your best form of marketing to your customers?
Blogging is probably the best form of markting, along with social media networks like Facebook. We try to have a new blog post everyday and host weekly giveaways that encourage our customers to spread the word about Whippy Cake.

Are you married? Do you have any children?
I’ve been married to my husband Bret for 5 and half years and have two children, Kingston is 3 and London is 2.

How do you find balance in life/family/work? When you get stressed out, what is your favorite outlet?
It’s hard to find balance, but I try through the little thing and simple indulgences. Usually my first stops are venting to my husband and grabbing a Dr. Pepper. When I have more time I like to treat myself to a pedicure, facial, or pretty much anything girly and relaxing.

What are three things that you couldn’t live without as a business women?
My Imac, Iphone and a great support system

How do you manage your finances? Do you use Quickbooks or some other system? How important is this behind the scenes part of running your business?
I do use quickbooks but also have an accountant. When I first started I didn’t do either, and it was a complete mess! When tax time rolled around I had to go through all my accounts and receipts in order to report properly. Getting organized was a lifesaver.

And finally, what five pieces of advice would you give someone starting out in business, or someone just trying to balance their business/ family lives better?
1. Have a recise business plan 2. Define your concept/product or you’ll stretch yourself too thin trying to do everything 3. accept that you’ll have to delegate 4. Be an innovator, not a follower 5. Stay true to yourself and find a balance.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME BECKI! Everyone be sure and check out her website HERE!

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As always, much love & happiness to you. ~Heidi

  • Julie - Enjoyed the interview Velvet Owl! Thanks for featuring a cool new artist for me to check into! Keep them comin!

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