If you want to be a 2012 senior rep, it probably means you want to get your photos taken spring of your junior year, or the summer! I will accept my reps starting in January 2011 and ask that they complete their session before the start of the school year (cut-off date is August 1st, 2011).

What’s a senior rep?

Each year I pick a handful of Senior Reps from high schools from around the Cowlitz / Clark County area. I only accept 2 reps per school. These reps receive a FREE 1.5 hour photo session ($150.00 value) in exchange for telling all of your fellow students about the amazing services provided by Heidi Haden of VeLvet OwL Photography!


I am looking for positive people. People who are willing to look at this like an opportunity to not only earn their photos but also look at it like an opportunity to earn extra money as well! It helps if you are outgoing, have good fashion sense, and are overall friendly.



How can you spread the word?

The more you can promote me on your facebook/myspace, the better! Make a photo album with the FREE digital proofs I give you and post on facebook!  You must use one of your photos from our session as your profile pic through your school year of 2012. I will also give you a limited supply of promotional postcards to help you spread the word.

What are some of the perks?

Each person you refer (after your required 2 people) that books their session~ gets you a $20 print credit. Refer FIVE people and you get $50.00 cash back!! For every 5 clients you send our way, receive $50 cash! The booking senior MUST mention YOU, and bring in your senior rep card when booking for anyone to get credit. These are just a few of the Senior Rep perks – email me today to ask about senior rep availabilities in your area! Who knows, maybe a senior rep pizza party will be in order once in a while:). I’ve had reps earn money back and they LOVE it!!

Is there a catch?

Well, sorta… If you are selected to be a Senior Rep and you don’t refer a minimum of two seniors to me by April 2012, you will be required to pay your $150 session fee. However, with a little work on your myspace/facebook and by enthusiastically handing out some of your photo business cards, this shouldn’t be a problem!

Additional Information.


Each model signs an exclusive contract (meaning you can not be a senior rep for another photographer)

Each model also signs a model release form w/ parent or guardian signatures if not 18 yrs old.

** Give out brochures, postcards, business cards

** Get mailing list together for NEXT year Seniors (name, address, phone) and get to me by March 2011.

Think you are up to the task?

Awesome Opportunity right?

All you have to do is send me an email at heidihaden@hotmail.com ASAP with the following information:

■your name


■current high school



■photo of yourself

■any activities you’re involved in at school

■any information about yourself and your interests (music, books, tv)

■why you want to be one of my senior reps

I look forward to hearing from you! Remember I will only accept 2 students from each school, so what are you waiting for?? Get to emailing! (Some schools won’t be qualified for reps this year)

(PS. Don’t worry if you are a graduating senior class of 2011 & reading this. Many seniors still get their pictures done right up until June (graduation)!

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