Kiana :: 2012 Senior

Beautiful girl, beautiful night. Thanks for choosing Velvet Owl Photography Kiana, hope your senior year goes well! Enjoy your sneaky peek!

BONUS BLOG FUN:: Kiana , if you can rally up 30 comments on this blog post by Aug 19th you will receive a FREE 11×14 Print of one photo of your choice! Good luck!

Thanks for stopping in! Much love & happiness to you. ~Heidi

  • Nikki - Absolutely stunning!!

  • Sondra - She’s beautiful!! Great shots!!

  • nailya - U look hot haha

  • Kim Michael - These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I especially like the one with the rainbow in it.

  • Hailey McCoy - Sooooo pretty kiana!

  • Andrea Walker - These are amazing 🙂 Tyler needs senior pictures what do they charge to do pictures? Can you send me info?


  • Kiana - Ahhhhh thank you!! I’m so happy with these:)

  • Kendal Warren - LOVE!

  • Jean - Love love and more love!

  • Rebecca - Kiana, I think your sr. pictures ROCK!!!!

  • Kiernan - I really love the vibrant colors in these shots! The flowers were a cute idea and I love that rustic blue door/wall. Makes me wish I was a senior again just so I could take pictures in front of it haha. And you look beautiful kiana 🙂

  • Belinda - Wow! You look amazing — Miss Blue Eyes!

  • Shannon - Beautiful pics!

  • Emm moore - Love the pictures,! You look wonderful!

  • Holly Barnfather - The pictures are great! You are an amazing and beautiful person inside & out!!

  • Patricia Wooley - beautiful pics. wish i knew of this photographer when getting my kids sr. pics. thanks for sharing.

  • Chrishell Hoard - Oh my beautiful Kiana. Those pictures bring tears to my eyes. I still remember you as a little girl wearing your little sun dresses. You have grown up into a beautiful, smart, strong young lady. Are Papa would be so proud:) I wish you the best of luck this year & in your future to come. Love you Kiana Rose!

  • Danielle Waddle - Kiana, it’s so hard to believe you are so grown! I knew your parents when they were first starting their family and you were a beautiful little baby then and a gorgeous young lady now! Good job Tim & Belin!! <3 Danielle

  • Liz - BOOM – Shaka laka! Wow, these are awesome!

  • Jennifer Glessing - SO beautiful!! What picture will you choose if you get the free 11×14? I love them all.

  • Hannah - You are beautiful!!! I really like that fourth row down the very first one. You look gorgeous!

  • Jody - You are a beautiful girl! Love all the bright colors.

  • Dani - Kiana.!!! These are gorgeous:) I love them all. Soo happy you went to Heidi. You are fabulous my cousin:) love you and love love them<3

  • zarina - you look so pretty I love your hair and your out fits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda - Kiana, you look beautiful(:

  • Anna - Great photos! I see so much of Gina in Kiana!

  • Cathi Rhew - Beautiful…

  • Crystal wyre - Awesome pics!!

  • Catherine Kroll - These photos are beautiful! I especially like the ones of you in the flower and pokkadot dress.

  • Charlie Blalock - Great photos!

  • Chris - WOW! Beautiful Kiana! You and your senior pics. Great job!

  • brenton - These are some beautiful photos.

  • Debbie - The pictures are beautiful. Have a wonderful SENIOR year.

  • Kim - Your BEAUTIFUL!!! These turned out so GOOD!!

  • Paul (U.P.) - Very beautiful Kiana! You are so photogenic…very professional.
    Also thanks for being such a great friend to Josh.

  • Lexi dufault - You’re really pretty!! You’d make a great model!!(: the pictures are really cool!! I hope your senior year is a blast! d:

  • Kari - You are such a beautiful young lady. I love the sunflower pictures and the very last one. Your smile is so contagious! Thanks for offering me the opportunity to view your beauty… Kari M.

  • Carole Dalton - beautiful pictures and nice presentation.

  • Glenda - Kiana,
    You are a beautiful girl and it is no surprise because you have beautiful parents. These are wonderful photos! Congrats! Would love to meet you and re-acqaint with Mom and Dad.
    Glenda Waddle

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