“WAR, What is is good for?” :: {Maternity Photographer}

So the evening started off all peaceful-ish and romanti-cal…..two beautiful people and their precious baby boy cookin’ in the oven. Awesome buttery rich light & beautiful country surroundings…. You think we’d leave it at that? Not this time folks….

I have had this itch to do something a little out of the ordinary for a while now…I talked with these two and they were all for my crazy plan & soon enough, a full on paint & glitter war had broken out.

Just gonna be real here ~ my clients are THE BEST, and I love them all for putting up with me, and being so amazing! Tash & Aaron, you guys seriously ROCKED this.  So much fun….

{PART 1}

{PART 2}

Victory & Defeat …

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  • Sondra Stinson - OMG That looks like so much fun!! Awesome idea!!

  • Sarah - Looks amazing!

  • Brianna - This has to be the best maternity photos I have ever seen. I love them and you can see the love they have so well. LOVE THEM!

  • Kirstin - bahahaha….that is hilarious!!!!!! And gorgeous!!! And totally fun looking!!

  • Michelle - LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! So absolutely adorable!

  • Nikki - LOVE!!! Part 1 is like just the most gorgeous baby mamma pics ever! Part 2 is just super fun and priceless!! You are simply an amazing photographer!

  • Cindy - What an amazing story they will have to tell their little bundle of joy with some AMAZING images to go with it!

  • Jana Rogers - Love this! Fun idea Heidi! You couldn’t have picked a funner couple to try this with either!

  • Lorrie Prothero - so fun! What a great way to show the baby what neat parents he/she has. I’d love to look back and see my parents having fun like that with the future me part of the picture.

  • Jenn - Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! 😀

  • Niki Bomia - That is AWESOME!!!!!

  • Phyllis R. - Ha ha! What joy! Wish my family weren’t so stoic:) Glad you have clients that are up to your amazing ideas!

  • Shanna - These photos show some honest to goodness true LOVE!! They are great!

  • Crystal - Insanely amazing!! Funnest maternity shoot I have ever seen. What a great couple, their baby is going to have a blast! You amaze me with every post!!

  • Niki - Oh wowowow! I am in LOVE with this session!

  • Tiffany - Oh my goodness, this is the most fun photoshoot I have EVER seen! Beautiful!

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