Give & Let Give.

I recently experienced the feeling of how great giving truly is. This is just a small thing, but I thought I’d share my little story…

Last month I was out running errands by myself while my husband kept the kids. It was about lunch time so I thought I’d stop in at a “fast food” sushi wheel place for a bite to eat. I walked in, looked around for a seat and asked a girl sitting alone if I could join her. She smiled and said “Sure”. We made small talk,  she worked across the street at a Burger King and was on her lunch break. After about 5 minuets of chatting, another girl entered the restaurant. She too was  by herself, and sits about 2 chairs from me. I asked her if she’d like to join us, being that  we were all alone, and it’s no fun to eat by yourself! She replied, “Sure, thanks”! (I realize that I probably sound cooky at this point….I won’t deny it.) So we continued our small talk, sometimes elevating it to medium talk. In our short amount of time I gathered that the “Burger King” girl was only eating the $1.00 plates and being very selective with her choices, she made remarks that she’d like to try some other dishes, but it really just added up to quickly. I finished and paid for my meal, told them all to have a great Thanksgiving, thanked them for the company and said goodbye. I walked next door to the frozen yogurt stand for a little desert to top off my lunch (I can’t resist that place). As I was in there I really felt like I should go back and do something more than just talk to those girls, something to just bless them. I walked back into the sushi restaurant and handed them enough money to cover their plates and some extra for them to try out new dishes if they wished.

Now I’m not saying that I’m made of money here. But to see the look on these girls faces was so amazing. They were so taken back by a simple act of giving kindness. They couldn’t believe it. I didn’t get their names, I wasn’t there to hand them a business card or talk about myself. I wanted to genuinely impact their days for the better. Maybe they will pay it forward…maybe they won’t. What matters is MAN it felt good to give.

Next year I’d like to go to the grocery store, buy my essentials and come prepared to pay for the persons groceries in front of me….just because.

I hope you consider spreading an act of kindness this season. A smile, a small chat with someone sitting alone, picking up the tab for strangers….make a difference in someones day.

Much Love,


Happy Holiday’s everyone.

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  • Wendy - Merry Christmas to you Heidi. You are a genuine and kind hearted soul. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Brooke Ashley Photography - That’s wonderful Heidi, I love that 🙂 That’s what it’s all about right! Beautiful shots too. Happy New Year, hope it’s a beautiful year for you.

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