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Today, I want to celebrate friendship. The old ones and the new ones. The ones that you depend on, the ones that depend on you. The unexpected ones. Friendships that are strong, and friendships that may be broken and need some fixing. As life goes on, you learn who your truest friends are, the ones who will stick by your side, stand up for you when you aren’t there, believe the best in you….and although everyone won’t make that status of friendship in your book, I believe every friendship has something to contribute. People are brought into your life for a time, a reason.  Some will stay and some will leave. Grow where you are planted.

I believe that we are all are capable of vast amounts of love and that we need to open our hearts and simply BE.

Be real. Be loving. Be caring. Be including. Be courteous. Be forgiving. Be mindful. Be patient. Be there. Be a shoulder to cry on. Be a listening ear. Be trusting. Be excepting. Be honest. Be faithful…..Be open.

Yes, I’m a mom of 3 beautiful little girls ~ and although I know I’m suppose to be here to teach them all about life and lessons, so many times it come to them teaching me. Children have this way with love. They love their friends SO much…. yes, they fight… they bicker with their friends, but it’s almost nothing that can’t be resolved with an “I’m sorry” and a good hug. The thing about kids is, they forget ~ almost instantly after it is resolved. They move on. They keep on playing and loving.

Maybe when we were kids, it was easier, or maybe being adults, we just complicate the simplicity of it all.

I wonder what the world would be like if we always thought the best in our friends, and we just simply treated others they way we would like to be treated.

Today, I celebrate my family & sweet friendships ~ you’ve got a friend in me.


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Much Love, ~H




  • Heather Stockett - I love them all! They are all so sweet and the innocence of childhood really shows.

    I love your words, too. Everything you’ve said/written is completely captured in the photographs.

    The emotion in the big black and white melts my heart. And I’m a huge fan of ring-around-the-rosie.

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