Kelly & Jordan :: {Washington, Oregon & Destination Travel Photographer}

 I loved the feel of this brand new venue called Willow Lake that just opened this summer in Hockinson, Wa. This wedding was very stylish & I loved the bits of vintage feel they incorporated.

Kelly and Jordan, of course are so in love and their personalities are just so genuine and kind…. Kelly may go down in my book as the most  relaxed, easy going & trusting bride I’ve ever worked with, GO KELLY! I really encourage people on their wedding day to try not to stress about the little things and embrace the fleeting moments. The things that you took a year or more planning out, just let them fall into place…. it truly goes SO fast that day, looking back on MY wedding day it’s like a blur  of people & just a whirlwind of things happening. It’s so important to have confidence in the wedding vendors you’ve chosen & to ultimately just trust the people you’ve hired to deliver. Most importantly relax and enjoy your friends and family. You get to do this once in your life…slow down & embrace it.

Okay, I know that little paragraph wasn’t meant for everyone…. but just had to give props to this bride for being extra awesome!

Enough yapping…. to the real reason you are here today….. Congratulations Kelly & Jordan!

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Much Love & Happiness to you ~Heidi

  • amanda gentry - looks like a perfect day captured perfectly!

  • Kelly LaFave - Heidi, you captured the day perfectly! Thank you so much – as always, beautiful work!

  • Trish Woodford - Hi Heidi,
    Just messaging from Australia, really love your style of work – your definitely one of my favourite lifestyle photographers to follow through facebook. Just wondering if you have particular actions that you use when processing – as I love the look you seem to consistently achieve (only if you don’t mind sharing of course, I understand if not). Thanks again for being inspiring!

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