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Hello photographers!

This is a quick post letting you know that my NEW online store with resources for photographers launched this last week!

The reviews have been amazing so far & I am really excited about it! I also started a new FACEBOOK page for the editing side of things, where people are giving reviews as well as showing their before and afters using the VELVET OWL EDITING RECIPE BUNDLE!

Are you ready to cut your time in front of the computer down drastically? Let me tell you a little bit more about the new VELVET OWL EDITING RECIPE BUNDLE!

I use this workflow on 99% of all of my own work. This is not a bundle with tons of various actions that you’d have to figure out which picture works with which action – instead, this is my everyday editing recipe on EVERY session! Let me tell you – less is more… and less guessing about how you are going to edit a photo, means more time for productivity.

Because my editing stays consistent, there won’t constantly be new actions/presets released from me. Instead all you need is this bundle which includes 2 powerful Lightroom Presets- (color as well as black and white) and then 1 final sharpening and warm color tinting Photoshop action. The Lightroom Color preset –  with just a click, runs through a series of my exact specific color settings! I have also included a 7 minute mini workshop video of my speedy editing workflow, with easy step-by-step instructions on 5 images from start to finish for you to watch!

I honestly use this exact formula on all of my work… and I am thrilled that people who have purchased it have had great things to say about it!


You can use the tab on the left <——– of the page to access the online store, or click the link HERE! Thank you!



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