Debora & Jonathan :: {Elopement Photographer}

 I’m actually writing a a little excerpt to go along with this blog post, and so is the bride of this elopement….I can’t help it, and even though we know pictures can convey a thousand words – I can hear my father telling me, that because I’m a woman, of course I will have more to say! 

This was one of THE best experiences of my photography carrier. Period. I was absolutely full of inspiration and an instant love for Elopements. Nixing the full blown timeline, schedule and “things to do” that sometimes consume the average wedding day, leaving the couple without much time to actually enjoy one another, was the most liberating thing. No rush. Time to take in the surroundings. Time to for the couple to really devote attention to one another. Also time to allow me to get extra creative with details and to be more attentive to spontaneous image opportunities. Let me just say, traditions are great… you agree, right? We’ve all got some we will never want to lose! But think about it – do we even know WHY we keep some of these wedding traditions going? Who’s traditions are they – and what do they honestly mean to YOU on YOUR day? I can understand dancing with a close relative on your wedding day … but the cake eating/ smashing, bouquet / garter toss etc…. ask yourself if those are the things you care to put emphasis upon on YOUR day? Do you EVEN LIKE CAKE? I think sometimes it’s reasonable to ask yourself these things and make sure you aren’t doing something on your wedding day that you couldn’t care less about but think you NEED to do it because everyone else does it. Granted an elopement may not be right for you, and I totally understand, I just wanted you to get a perspective from someone who has photographed plenty traditional weddings and now experienced my first elopement. After this venture,  I had to express my want and desire to document more of these types of love stories. The day was truly incredible, and one I will remember. The  climb to the top of a mountain – the anticipation – the love – the vows they took – the tears and laughter shared – the overwhelming, encompassing feeling of nature and God.. I found a rejuvenation for my passion in witnessing the simple & sacredness of this event. I hope you consider me when you consider eloping – I’m your gal. 

Words from the bride:

“We decided to elope because we wanted a ceremony that was truly about us.

Most of our favorite memories together involve nature and more specifically hiking; so naturally we decided we’d elope.

We decided on the location of the top of Angel’s Rest in the Columbia River Gorge. 

Looking back on our wedding day, I can remember even the smallest moments.

My father drove me to the trailhead, where I waited amongst the trees until Jonathan arrived.

From there we started the ascent with our pastor, parents and Heidi, our photographer, in tow.

We stopped along the way for water, to take pictures, or to just simply take in the view.

I remember holding hands at the edge of the cliff while we read our vows at the top.

To anyone who is thinking about eloping, I highly recommend it!

I think your ceremony should be 100% about you.

I wouldn’t change a thing about our day, each moment was simple, yet so significant.” 

Enjoy the story.

(P.S. Debora is a super trooper to climb 2.5 miles up in her wedding dress & still look amazing at the top)

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